Saturday, March 21, 2009

Something a Bit Lighter

So on a lighter, much more surfacy, superficial level, I got a digital Camera the other day! Yay! I had one before, but it was cheap and broke within a week. I got it through a bonus program at work and didn't want to fight with management at work through the 10-14 weeks it would take to get a new one, just to have another crappy one. this time I bought it off amazon and I'm happy with the features, screen size and pixel quality, so hopefully you'll start seeing more photos of me and my life, instead of just talk and words. I am by no means a master photographer, but I wasn't under the impression any of you thought that, regardless, you might see some really terrible pictures up here, just bear with me please.

I wanted to Heart something today. I'm gonna go with a double heart of Webcomics in general and Penny Arcade as a webcomic in particular. I'm kind of a superfan when it comes to webcomics, I follow about 12-14 of them. Thank goodness I found out how to use RSS feeds, that made life simpler. instead of going to the websites to get comics, the comics come to me, via RSS. I love Penny Arcade for a number of reasons. First of all, the reason they named themselves Penny Arcade is because they consider themselves cheap thrills. I find this amusing because it's a phrase my mother has used for years whenever anything relatively exciting/pleasing that surprised her she would express that she never minded the surprise because it was cheap thrills. Anyway, one of the other reasons I love PA is because it so succinctly expresses the lack of connection with reality some portions of society has, for example...
Penny Arcade!
Feel free to click on the pic to link directly to the PA website. I simultaneously laughed my butt off and was rather sad when I read this comic, because of how close to reality this portrayal of society is. With that I'll bid you adieu and good day.

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