Monday, March 16, 2009

Roller Coaster Ride Baby

I believe the excitement implied in the title of this blog is misleading, but I'm gonna leave as is, because I want to remember the song that I've associated with it for ever. I just ponder tonight, far far too late into the following morning, that life has it's ups and downs and while today wasn't tops especially in the context of the three previous, it was better than it has been a lot of the time and better than a lot of people can complain. I play what's called tabletop RPGs. The most famous of these is D&D or Dungeons and Dragons, for those layman who read this. If that doesn't explain it well enough, there's no point in elaborating without directly applied force to the noggin. I feel like I've committed to really playing with my Sunday group for the first time. Again for the laymen, I play a fictional character that I've created and decided nearly everything about. Today I was so invested in that character's goals and feelings that I had tears in my eyes and everybody stopped to pay attention to exactly what it was I was saying. Just earlier today I had though about leaving the group and starting one of my own. Now there's no way, I'm all in, the dice are cast and I'm there with all the frustrations and victories to savor.

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