Monday, July 13, 2009

Today's Heart goes out to...

Motivational posters. I remember them vaguely popping up in the mid-nineties as poorly motivating papers stuck in crappy frames. I never found them impressive to be honest. I'm not really sure when it started exactly, but with the creation of internet memes, which are a type of inside joke that quickly gain and lose popularity via the web, Motivational posters have become one of the longtimers.
I believe one of the reasons it has stuck around for so long, is it's not really a joke to be amused at for a while, then discarded, but an avenue through which jokes can be expressed. Take a picture, funny or not, give it a snappy caption and a black border and voila! a motivational poster. As with anything spawned on the internet, a great deal of them are sad, pathetic, disgusting or just weird so be aware.

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