Saturday, November 29, 2008

a short one

I am sure that many people agree with me when I say that the universe works in mysterious ways to provide the opportunities that become our choices that define our lives. All the little details that support or detract from our reasons for the choices we make are incredibly varied. I don't know exactly why I'm dwelling on this other than the fact live has served up an opportunity to make a choice I've been dwelling on for the past two weeks or so. I'll have to let you know how it goes.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I sit and hope.

I look at my life and wonder how I got here at times. I love the randomness interaction of life that creates wonderful situations that could never have been planned in advance. The whole living in Utah, who I've become friends with, my social activities and all around what I've done with the last year of my life. if you had asked me two and a half years ago what my life would have been like now, I'd have just been totally guessless, shrugged and said, "meh" I feel things right now that I don't feel comfortable expressing openly on the interwebs and it's a bit of a struggle because I really hate that feeling. I strive to be open with everyone in my life, but something has me holding back and it's frustrating and definitely a sign of change to come, cause we're not having it!

I feel sad about my lack of inspiration. I haven't written a poem in nine months or more, I've worked a little bit on a story outline I like a lot, but nothing has really come to me, and believe me, I've been looking. Ah well, I think that might be a tangental product of the change I was referring to earlier. Good day

Thursday, November 6, 2008


There is a second bathroom being installed into the home I live in. It's a good thing, as there are six people living here, myself included, and we've been sharing one bathroom for the last six months or so. It's noisy as hell, but should be completed within the week so I am quite content to endure.

I've a visual metaphor for my poetry writing. they consist of feelings/thought/emotions that I am currently experiencing that I express in words but the mental image I have is small, or sometimes large sections of a shell sluffed off in a reverent manner to be placed on a shelf and picked up and studied and analyzed at times, by myself and others. I don't know where this imagery came from but sometimes that's the best kind.

In someways it feels like I live to serve those in my life with affection, laughter and good times, albeit sometimes it feels like I fail miserably, but still I enjoy my efforts.

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