Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friends and Things

I feel lucky all the time for the friends I have in my life. Both the ones who I see everyday, and the ones I left back in Washington, where I was born and raised. I've a number of experiences recently that feel very interconnected. I've noticed that people naturally find me inspiring in a specific way. I don't say this to be prideful or arrogant, just a simple statement of truth that I've noticed. I don't take pride in it, because I've never done anything to consciously cultivate it. What I'm talking about is the fact that people open up to me. They seem to find themselves telling me things they never tell anyone else, or things they aren't even sure why they brought up at all. While not consciously cultivated, I'm still very grateful for this. The reasons for gratitude would include the fact that it's almost always a cathartic(Means relieving for those who cant' stand my wordiness.) experience for the one sharing, and although rarely insires me to catharsis, I do always take pleasure in being that outlet for others. I believe that just expressing something can be cathartic, and even without expecting anything to change, even to someone who isn't invested in the situation, who isn't expected to do anything, or even give meaningful feedback. This kind of opening up has been happening around me since I was a child, I just got quite a few reminders in a very short period.

I recently had a number of reminders of how awesome I am. and by that, I mean how much people value me. The first you can all witness by the simple comment left on my last blog by my good friend Barry. Just a simple I enjoy your writing and please keep it up. I decided to write him a quick thank you email and by the end of it I was in tears with gratitude for his taking the time, just the seconds it took, to let me know he found value in the things that I think and love and wish to share with people. The other was a friend of mine who's been in a bad spot recently. I met her through work and another friend and have only known her for a few weeks, but I'm sure she's one of the most awesome people ever. She opened up to me about how bad of a spot she's in and sparing the details for privacy's sake, I, along with the friend I met her through that I also live with/share a room with, convinced her to take some action. She asked us why we were so concerned about her and we both had the same answer. That she is one of the coolest people we've ever met. She started crying, then I started crying cause that's how I am, and it turned into a big hugfest. She took a leap and moved into the extra room in our house and it's gonna be awesome.

I wanna take this opportunity to heart a website I have come to love a lot that has one shirt that I want to share in particular, that I still need to purchase. I would add a picture to show you my favorite shirt, but the interweb is being retarded. The shirt says "A hug is my favorite adhesive" other Gems I've gotten from there are "Drop it like you're clumsy" and "I supplement my personality with witty shirts" and a shirt that I can only sum up as hypota-moose, as the explain the graphic on the shirt would take far far too long and you would lose the funny involved, so suffice it to say it's amusing, and if you care enough, you'll look it up on the website.
Adieu and good day for now

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