Monday, March 30, 2009

And today's Hearting goes to.....

Vampires! I've always found the mythos that surrounds them rather fascinating. I don't believe they exist in reality, but find a great many authors and writers variations and versions of them rather interesting. Let me specify that I'm definitely not a vampire freak. I don't have any desire to look like them, wear makeup resembling them, or dress in vamp clothes, or put on fake fangs. I don't dream about them, or believe they actually exist, waiting for one to show up one day to turn me into one. That's just a bunch of silliness. The thing I like most about the Vampire stories I read/watch in tvs and movies is when they walk the line of humanity. They struggle with the beast of their vampiric nature in order to retain, or recapture their humanity. My recommended reads/watchs would include Underworld and it's sequel, HBO's True Blood TV series, The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series by Laurell K. Hamilton.

(Spoiler alert) This theme is actually the main reason for my fondness for the Twilight series. Having read the first two books and seen the first movie, I'd have to say that the overall story is a bit weak, and there are some specifics that I really could do without (can anyone say sparkly vampires?), but I really enjoy the read. The first reason is Edward's interest in retaining his humanity and self control. The second is that it's a very easy read. None of the concepts are challenging, I'm not trying to figure out anything terribly complex. I'm basically watching this story about a love sick teenage girl, who I can relate to, having been a lovesick teenager myself, and a bi-polar, kinda wacky romantic guy/vampire. Having grown up with people in my life being bi-polar, I have learned to deal with them. I actually find it to some degree endearing for some odd reason. I can't really explain that one. Bottom line for the series, not literary genius, but I'm not looking for it. I'm looking for some interesting variations on the mythos of Vamps and some mushy lovey dovey stuff and maybe a little action/plot furtherence. I don't expect a lot out of it, and I'm not disappointed.
Guten Morgen, und wenn ich nicht sehen k├Ânnen, Guten Nachtmittag, guten Abend und gute Nacht!

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