Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So the bathroom I mentioned in the first blog I posted is finished and it's pretty friggin' sweet. Granted I never use it, but the really sweet thing is that I don't have to share a bathroom with 5 other people. Awesome!

As you can see from the left hand side of my blog, I'm a big fan of Webcomics, there three or four I read religiously, and about a dozen more I follow on an irregular basis. I don't know where this is going, other than to say that the majority of all webcomics I've ever found appeal to some form of Gamer or other, be it tabletop RPGS, to PC and Console Videogames. I've realized something about the extent of my gamer-ness. It goes rather deep. I love many video games, but PC games from the late nineties and original NES games have a special place in my heart. I've recently, that is to say the last few months, rediscovered a burning passion to play tabletop RPGS, things like D&D and various White Wolf games, Mage, Exalted, Vampire, etc. I don't think I could enjoy going without for very long. I play with two different groups each once a week.

Well, I still have to sleep, as I've mentioned in my last three blogs, but it's still true today. I love you all.


Opheliac said...

Hmm ... the poem at the bottom of your blog is interesting. I like it ...

Danica West said...

As a fellow lover of webcomics, I had to comment on this one. :) I often find a new one, or get recommended a new one, or go back to one of my old ones and just binge on it for hours.

And I also love RPGs, especially tabletop and things like that (I grew up on Heroquest), but I sadly haven't gotten a chance to play for a while. The D&D group I was a part of at SLCC just kind of. . . stopped happening, and then I found out the DM had started a new one and (purposefully) only invited about half of the members from the old group. . . (rant, rant).

Anyway, just wanted to say I like you ramblings, that's basically all I do in my blogs. :) Besides overusing smiley faces. . . and ellipses.

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