Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm still alive

That's always a good thing. The last week has been one of the most event filled times in my life, it has been great, although painful at times. My girlfriend Stacey and I ended our romantic relationship on relatively decent terms. This was the more painful of recent experiences. I don't believe any relationship should feel good because otherwise, why would you be in it in the first place? Anyways, the majority of the situation is that we've been headed in different directions for a while now and I realized that it really needed to change and took action on it. I'm not going to get into the specifics of what led up to the conversation, but we sat down are talked about how essentially I'm not ready to have a committed relationship yet and that's where she's headed, she wants to settle down and have kids, where as I would like to hang out with my friends til 7am because I feel like it. I also staffed at The Great Life Foundation, which was great, made new connections with people, re-affirmed old connections, found some inspiration as I always do and wrote a few poems, although I'll have to find them before I can post them. They're probably not very good, but it feels good to have that 9 month drought over with.
Anyways, I am still alive and kicking, I am truly tapping into my nerdiness. I've become more and more a fan of table top RPGs, you know, like Dungeons and Dragons, I'd do it for a living if I could. I am realizing that I am close to ridiculously nerdy compared to most of the people I know. Except for my friend Jim who knows more about Star Trek than I think any person rightfully should.
I guess it feels like a season of change is in the wind, it was like that last december, strange.

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sulustu said...

Hey there Nick. It's good to see you posting blogs. It's a great way for people to feel connected across all the time and distance.


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