Sunday, December 21, 2008

Me no sleepy!!

Gah! I always want to write these on days I am about to get so little sleep it's ridiculous! One thing is that I want to follow these bits of inspiration to write even if it's about the most mundane of things. I decided I'd write a fantasy novel. I've always had bits of fantasy ideas jumping around in my head, but I decided to put it in gear, even if a very low one at first, and slap them onto metaphorical paper, metaphorical as they are being typed into my laptop.
I keep my life complicated, I've noticed. I have to juggle things so they are almost falling apart, because that keeps me on my toes. The problem with that is that when three or more things fall at once, I only have two hands to catch with and I wind up with the fecal matter/rotor collision catastrophe, so to speak. I wish I knew how I could just knock it off, that would be nice, but not an answer for today.
Well, I think that's all for tonight. I love you all, those who have enough interest in reading my ramblings and hose who don't, but then they won't be the ones reading this

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Babyquest said...

We are genetically related ... ha, ha. I tend to do the same juggling act. I also don't get enough sleep. Love ya & miss ya!
Love your big sis'

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