Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Writer's Block, Oh Joy

I've suffered this on occasion, but usually I just stop writing until something specifically inspires me to write, but that is not an option this month. I made a decision to write a number of blogs that reached multiple digits, ie 10 or more. I missed it by one last month, not again, I probably won't have an excuse of being run over by a car to shelter me from self-degredation and shame. Moving on.

I've got something to Heart today. It's a website I recently found through my multitudinous journeys through the interweb.
What they mean by social networking news is that they have little tidbits, stories, links, lists, reviews and articles related to networking online. Generally it's related to specific sites, ie Facebook, Myspace, Blogger (which is who hosts this blog you're currently reading, if you were previously unaware) I've already picked a few things up for it. For people that are interested in connecting to others online, it's a veritable smorgashborg of fun facts, gadgets to use, ways to protect your privacy online, while still connecting. I picked up the nifty RSS feed button to your right from there.

I'll be honest that I'm kind of addicted to the internet, I'm active on Myspace and Facebook pretty much on a daily basis, I check my email waaaaay to much, spend hours on wikipedia, IMDB, Youtube looking up information I'll probably never use, but I enjoy it. I also understand that most people aren't interested in using the internet nearly as much as I am, so Mashable is a great way to add that little extra to whatever little bit of interwebbing that you do.
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