Friday, April 10, 2009

Nerdcore Represent

I have a hearting today that strikes very close to home. This is a bit of a double hearting, one for a Rap Sub-genre called Nerdcore, and for the rapper that coined the term for this sub-genre, MC Frontalot.
MC Frontalot
Nerdcore is when a rapper has a specific lifestyle and chooses to rap about things that are very unusual when compared to mainstream rap. Specifically things about computer programming, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Data stream encryption and blog hating. I've found that aside from Eminem and 2Pac who are considered lyrical wizards in their own right, I don't really care for the usual topics that are important for most rappers. I guess we can say that blunts, 40s and bitches don't really do it for me as Nick grade rap material. Enter Nerdcore, with it's realistic approach to it's major audience, ie nerds and geeks, and how they "obtain" their music, which would be pirating it via Bittorrent Download clients like uTorrent and Vuze or Filesharing programs like Limewire. They rap about being attracted to and nervous around Goth Girls, or a crappy roommate in college, or how everybody just calls them up for Tech support. While I can't identify with every single thing they quantify, I still do with the majority and am amazing how entrancing this music has become for me.

Back to the specific, MC Frontalot, the so called Godfather of Nerdcore. He actually coined the phrase while writing lyrics and decided to throw it around a bit with his indie stylings until it caught on a bit like wildfire, but like wildfire contained in a small area, like haiti. Nerdcore is a pretty specific and narrow sub-genre with an estimated dozens of rappers that populate it as opposed to the thousands, or tens of thousands of other rappers. Anyway, Frontalot is smooth with his lyrics, straight up with his frontin' and here to get the word out about Nerdcore. I gotta say, I'm a devoted fan now, hope you will be too.

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