Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've ridiculed and condescended many a follower of astrology over the years. Mostly because I despise daily horoscopes, and still do. I think they are retarded, despite the fact I've shifted my zero belief in astrology to a miniscule, non-zero belief in Astrology. While this shift in belief seems very small, to me it's the difference between door being shut, locked and barred closed, and a door that looks closed, but wasn't quite closed enough to even latch, let alone be locked and barred. To be a bit more non-metaphorical, I read up on a general description of an Ares personality tendencies (because they are described as tendencies and sure as hell don't qualify as truly detailed personality profiles) and was surpised to find it fits quite well overall. Not surprised, more reminded, which sparked interest in finding out my rising astrological sign, which is the sign that is on the eastern horizon which depends on the time of day you're born, and it is supposed to be what peoples first impression of you tends to be. I also found that to be relatively accurate, which sparked more research into the Chinese Zodaic, of which I'm an Ox, on number of different levels. Because of this, I found there are actually three aspects of the Chinese Zodiac and actually a 60 year cycle, not just 12 years. So I found that I'm a Yin/Wood/Ox person which all relate to personality tendencies which I also found to be relatively accurate. It kind of blew my mind. One of the things that I like to believe about myself is that I am always willing to revise my beliefs if I can find/be given reason to believe otherwise. So daily horoscopes are still a steaming pile of dung, but I'm starting to think Astrology in general may be a treasure buried under that stupid pile of dung. Well anyway, I'll be back again to ramble on about random aspects of life another day.

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mihyam said...

I'm about on the same level with you here, although maybe even slightly more into it. I despise the horoscopic predictions, and find them a load of general horse crap that are either so vague they can be applied to anyone, or so specific they're ridiculously funny, in the "no fucking way is that going to happen to everyone born in that 30 day chunk" aspect. =P But, I've actually read up a bit on all of the personality traits, for all the signs, and more often than not, they do tend to fit the people I know born under those signs. I'm a pisces/aries cusp, and that couldn't fit me more true; fire and water, the oldest and the youngest. Obviously, other influences can slightly affect people's outlooks on life, and personalities (to some degree), but as a whole... they fit.

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