Sunday, January 4, 2009

Allowing oneself breath

I am surrounded by my peaceful cacophony just the way I like it. All five of my roommates are gone to disneyland and I have the house pretty much to myself. I'm sitting at the computer, obviously, but what's not obvious is how I like to surround and amuse myself. Today I'm watching Serenity (great movie), listening to John Mayer, Blogging, again obviously, writing email and fooling around on about seven websites and downloading stuff through torrents. I can waste more hours than are healthy this way it's a huge comfort zone for me. I think that my brain processes information differently than almost anyone I've ever met. I can multi-task like a woman, who are, on average, naturally talented at it, my senses/attention will drift between all the things I'm doing and even if I'm not paying direct attention to the movie for example, I'll still catch most the information subconsciously and as my attention drifts back to it I'll assimilate it into what's going on then. I think it's one of the reason I don't play RTSs (Real Time Strategy games, for those of the un-initiated) really well, my attention always drifts away from and then back to whatever I'm doing. It's one of the reasons I always listen to music while I read, it's always familiar and it becomes a white noise for me to bring my focus back to the words on page. That reminds me about the way the read books. As I get into a book, I read faster, and as I read the words become a movie that bleeds through the page, like I'm seeing them both at the same time, it seemed weird to me when I thought about it. A lot of things I do seem weird if I stop to think about them, but I usually don't pause that long.

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