Sunday, December 9, 2012

What Writing Means To Me

I sit here unable to sleep and must figure out what to do. I try try and wear my brain down by looking over my favorite corners of the internet(Reddit and teh Facebooks) and it's not enough. I love consuming content. Being subscribed to 50+ blogs and 150+ news sites, webcomics and other random things brings a lot of content into my life but at times that's become a stagnant intake. With everything in life there always seems to be some sort of inflow and outflow. Ignoring the biological examples one could make regarding this phenomenon, let's just look at my topic at hand. If all I did was read things, I'd never have the time to talk to/interact with anyone in my life. My wife would leave me, my friends would abandon me(with good reason) and it wouldn't even improve my life. I'd just be too busy to do anything about anything. This is just an extreme example, but it illustrates my point. I desire to speak/write/interact with people on a regular basis(which I want to write as bassist for some reason). The only reason that happens is that I don't make it happen. This fact was reminded to me quite strongly in a conversation we had recently, one for which I am quite grateful, but then, I'm always grateful for my wife. If I wasn't then I wouldn't have married her. Rambling monologues aside, the whole point is that I want to write more, and that I'd love to hear from you, whomever you are, so pipe up, let's all hear what you have to say!

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