Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Going Rogue, or Ninja if you prefer

I'm stealing internet access from my work to post this, so I hope you're happy. I'm kidding, I'm actually not that worried that your happiness is based primarily on my blog posting regularity. I'm getting interweb access installed on friday, which will be sweet, hopefully I'll have my replacement drive for my laptop computer by early next week and then I can wipe my harddrive and get all the crappy spyware off my computer, Yay!!
Anyway, I moved recently, as you're probably aware and I've been getting used to having 6 roommates, and yes, that's 6+ myself. They are all actually really cool people and most of them don't get to worked up about much of anything. It's just weird to have roommates that are equals in the house again as opposed to living in a house with a guy whos insanely controlling about who comes in the house and what happens around his stuff. Gah! That was soooo frustrating! I just wanted to scream at him, "I pay F***ing rent, I can bring people over to where I live!" it wouldn't have mattered to him anyway, so I just left it alone and went out to hang out with my friends. Regardless, it's pretty sweet at the new place. I live close to a number of friends I hang out with, at least every week, if not two or three times a week, so that's nice.
Moving on to the end. It feels really good to post something after the, I don't know, couple weeks I haven't posted. I love you all, expect more soon.

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Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

This comment doesn't necessarily fit here, but I really like your banner. I relate to it on more levels than I care to say at this point. Of course, it's a little weird that I'm relating to it all all, but thanks anyway. Okay. That's enough for now. Hope you're well.

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